Wear Versatile
Wear Versatile
A Toast to LGBTQIA+ Style, Culture and Resilience

The Dress code is Queer

How 4 LGBTQIA+ Baddies Are Authentic at Work



“When we feel good about what we are wearing, we have the space to be more creative and generous with each other.” Lauren Argentina Zelaya

A queer & Trans thrifting social & pop-Up

We know styles and confidence cannot be limited to “men” and “women” clothing aisles. We believe in creative ways to shop for gender non-binary, trans and queer fam.

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A Wardrobe of Confidence

From WOC/QTPOC brands, a swap and thrift section to a beauty bar, music and food. SHOP AND SWAP masculine, femme & androgynous clothes without assumptions and among us, LGBTQIA+ fam.

“They carefully curated ambiance of the space was extremely welcoming and energizing. Everyone was very knowledge and supportive of my personal style and comfort levels.

- Britt Hart

Day Party + Pop-up Experience

We take place seasonally, are bi-coastal and HAVE thrown five immersive, banging and positive queer vibes experiences.

3 in Oakland/ Bay Area

2 in New York City, and

MORE this holiday. Subscribe to learn when.

Our Community and Environmental Impact

We intentionally aim to reduce the amount of good clothes getting added to the landfill. We’ve donate thrifted clothes instead to homeless and women shelters, activists who fought to prevent the pipeline in Dakota from poisoning sacred land and charity in Haiti. 

We’ve put $2,000+ into WOC/QTPOC businesses and designers thus far!